Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sometimes Silence Is Better

To speak for common good is fine
and yet, still common, not divine.
If as a God you see  yourself,
leave your opinion on the shelf.

(This short little piece came out after hearing yet more ranting by Republican presidential candidates)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Waves Of Comfort

Waves erase the memories
eclipse the vibrant shore,
Hold at bay the dreaded pain
that tears at heart's soft core

And when it comes, the hurt is fierce
the rip of vulture's claw
Shredding at soul's guarded grip
to swallow in it's maw

At such times, peace seems absurd
an inaccessible feast
A hunger that we cannot sate
a goal too far from reach

But to despair, the waves are kind
They cleanse the heart's strong ache
suffuse the shore with glowing sun
leave love in sorrow's wake. 

(photo courtesy of Picable)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Shared Hearts

Shadows creep 
                on silent feet
as day's warm light dissolves
and as the veil drops o'er the land,
so human heart does fall

We seek out comfort
              kindred souls
as faith and spirit fail
and as our minds drift far away,
towards home, on lifted sails

And sometimes, 
        in our fevered thoughts,
we make untold mistakes,
which haunt us when the morning calls
and clearer views awake

And so
        we hide our human wounds
as soldier on we must
and push deep down our troubled fears
and wonder who to trust

The answer's there
       inside your heart
Search deep within and find
that all along, you've known the truth
the heart you trust--is mine.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Surrounded by a host of friends,
my heart feels yet alone
Although I laugh, my soul pretends
and wishes for its home.

I long for those I cannot see
thirst for their presence nigh
hunger for the touch and words
of loves beyond my sky

There's naught to do
but hold on tight-
to faces and to hearts-
keep my lonely vigil
through the night
and wait 'til pain departs.