Friday, October 19, 2012

The Weight On Your Shoulders

I know of your strength
It's part of my life
It's held me together
on many a night

Clothed in your courage
Cloaked by your drive
Confronting each day
Never failing to strive

But there are times when-
no matter the power you wear-
troubles surround you,
bringing despair

The weight of the world
lies heavy, oppressed
even on shoulders
so stoutly dressed

So give me your burden
to carry awhile
I'll wield it, contented
in seeing you smile

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Invaluable Love

Too valuable to toss aside
too good to throw away
And so you hold it deep inside
in hopes somewhere, someday-
a soul will walk across your path
who sees the world your way.

A soul who finds the beauty
in both the rainbow and the rain
A heart that finds the threads of love
in life's tapestry of pain.

And when you find that soul
you must hold on with all your might
to keep this light within your life
in days of darkest night.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Stay Strong

For those who could use it now, an excerpt from the lyrics of Stay Strong by Newsboys.  And here's a link to a live performance of the song:  Stay Strong

We've seen the tragic flaws
The tortured souls
The saints with feet of clay
Here's where sin becomes cliche'

We've come through wilderness and watched

The cloud by day
The burning sky into dawn
Have you forgotten who you are?
Did you forget whose trip you're on?

Stay strong

You are not lost
Come on and fix your eyes ahead
There's a new dawn to light our day, our day

We've gotta stay strong
You and I run
For the prize that lies ahead
We've come too far to lose our way, our way