Sunday, August 22, 2010

Poem For My Niece

 Poetry is one of the forms of writing I do most often.  It's not something I can write without inspiration, and that inspiration comes from many places.  The following is a poem inspired by my five-year-old niece. It's currently entered in a poetry competition.

A Rhyme For Sarah 

I wandered much until I found
The road I took led only down

Down to sorrows through lonely fears
Down to despair, and on to tears

I wallowed there for just a while
Until your presence made me smile

You brought back love. You brought back hope
Filled up my heart each time  you spoke

The things you give make life worthwhile
My world lights up each time you smile
Copyright 2010 Eileen Johnson


SamFrench_Eng said...

That's so sweet Eileen, I can't write...well anything really but I greatly admire those who can. I look forward to more of your entries :)

Eileen said...

Thanks, Sam. I appreciate you and everyone else on Twitter who've been so nice and supportive.

OZHogChick said...

Sarah will love every word as she grows. She is very blessed to have you.

Anonymous said...

Don't let anyone deter you in your writing, not even Russell Crowe. Put it out there and let the Universe play with it as it will.