Friday, February 25, 2011

Poetic Political Plea

Politicians are the saddest lot
They leave the citizens to rot

Never mind our country's dark direction
Their only thought's the next election

Cuts to this and cuts to that
Exactly where's this leave us at?

We work all day. We toil and toil
Still can't afford our gas and oil

Nor bread, nor milk, nor housing cost
So many of us are feeling lost

And God forbid we need health care
Nothing today's more prized and rare

Education's gone downhill
Because we just can't pay the bill

Should someone out there need a job
He must contest a desperate mob

All around us, wars do rage
Tell me, is this wise or sage?

Our Congress needs to unify
The more they fight, the more we die

Libertarian or Democrat
 We really don't care where you're at

Republican or Independent
We don't believe your hearts are in it

Bipartisan's not a dirty word
We're tired of not being heard

The bed you make, we must lie in
Remember that, when session's in

Can't put it off 'til you're in power
Already it's our desperate hour

Don't wait until the next election
To change our country's sad direction

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