Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Our hours end in love's soft flow
I dare not ask you not to go

For though I know you honour me,
you cannot heed soft-spoken plea

Life takes you elsewhere, off in time
You must obey its gentle rhyme

While I exist in silent faith
'Til you return and love awakes


bumfuzzled said...

my opinion is that it's quite good, eileen. actually better than quite good :) you might be better at capturing love in verse than you imagined :)


andie said...

I don't feel any real love in your poem, no emotion;just words.Your poem is missind the fire of love, it's cold.
I don't mean to hurt you,ok? Just an opinion


Eileen said...

Thanks for the opinion, Terry. My feelings aren't hurt. I just think maybe we look at love differently. I don't think the poem's cold, but I don't think love is always 'fire' either. Sometimes, it's faith, longing, loneliness and waiting. It can be many different things, depending on the circumstances, and involve many different emotions.