Monday, January 9, 2012

Inevitable Road

Georgia's frigid winter rain
falling down upon my head,
it's cold overwhelmed
by my heart's silent dread
You made a promise you'd be home
by January's cold last light
That was hours ago
Still, you're nowhere in sight

We smiled and waved as you left
late night December 28th
We knew you'd be back
We took it on faith
It's part of life with you,
all the coming and going,
but it's not always easy
to love you not knowing

You follow the road
wherever it leads,
while we're left behind
with all of our needs
It's enough just to know
you're out there somewhere,
and thinking of us,
to know that you care

So we keep our vigil
We hold down the fort
We wait patiently
'til your ship comes to port
The choice was made for us
an aeon ago,
but we'd make no other
knowing all that we know

So our candle burns
as we patiently wait
'til the curve in your road
brings you back to our gate

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