Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Inspiration: Happy Birthday, Russell Crowe


The world's a rough place
It judges a man
Can't be too hard or too soft
It's not part of their plan

Not allowed to break down
The world won't forgive
They'll remind you of it
To the last day you live

Truth is, they can't stand-

To see such a man
A man who won't bow down
Who won't play their game
A man who's not easily bound

They can't forgive you
For not seeing things their way
They blame you for being
Everything that they're not
And they're bent on making you pay.

But you don't let them break you-

You live your own life
That's the way you find grace
It's there in your eyes
It's written all over your face

The toughest thing a man can do
Can be to take a stand
But you do it every day
Yet can still hold out a hand

With  your work and your words
Every day you inspire
With a heart full of love
And a soul filled with fire

*Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to my favorite poet--to someone who never fails to inspire me--Russell Crowe.

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Suzana Mia said...

Simply beautiful (IMHO).