Monday, April 11, 2011


It's Form Monday over at One Stop Poetry.  This week, they're exploring Shadorma with Anne Welch. Since I discovered One Stop Poetry, I've been having a great time experimenting with forms and the many challenges they offer!  Shadorma is a syllabic poem with six lines and the structure 3/5/3/3/7/5.  I enjoyed trying it out and I'm looking forward to doing more.  This could become one of my favorite forms!  Here are my untitled efforts:

My Shadow
shady companion
dark psyche
cryptic self
hiding in murky fissures
of identity

Unformed soul
silent terror waits
in darkness
to grasp in evil fingers
the heart of mankind


Luke Prater said...

Great Shadormas! Like the first in particular.

Luke @ WordSalad

Anonymous said...

Beautifully dark poems. Never heard of this form, I like it!

Paul Devine said...

"Stunningly Beautiful"

Jingle Poetry said...

stunning writing..

Jingle Poetry said...

Glad to discover your poetry talent,
Hope to see you join our poetry potluck today,
1 to 3 random poems or poems unrelated to our theme are welcome in case you fall short in doing a theme fitting piece.
Bless you.
Keep up the excellence.

Louise said...

beautifully written the 'shadow' theme at the moment! Thanks for these.. : )