Sunday, June 19, 2011

Souls' Marks

The heat of passionate loves
     and courageous causes
Memorialized in poignant rainbows
     on cold, grey canvas
     marking man's everyday existence
In fleeting, flickering glimpses
     of heart and soul

Shared with One Stop Poetry for One Shoot Sunday.  Photo courtesy of Chris Galford.


dustus said...

Love the melodic flow of "Memorialized in poignant rainbows"and the train of thought both preceding and following it. Also, powerful comparison to a tombstone.

Anonymous said...

Groan,just painfully bad.

okoatokewa - the poet said...

Great usage of metaphor and I love your philosophical stance on a picture prompt. Nice work.

Steve Isaak said...

Good flow, good word choices.

Claudia said...

...marking man's everyday esp. this line - hits the nail perfectly - good flow as well...

Brian Miller said... capture the essence of graffiti at its best...

C Rose said...

Great flow to this piece

marking man's everyday existence
In fleeting, flickering glimpses"

Really loved this imagery from the prompt. Beautifully carried! ~ Rose

Jinksy said...

fleeting, flickering glimpse of heart and soul

These words captured the spirit of graffiti for me...thanks.♥