Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Heart's Winter

Heart buried-
     under shifting drifts of memories
Emotions shrouded-
     buffeted by gale-force winds
Left cold-
     by life's icy breezes
     and fiery blizzards
     in winter's flashback
     enlightenment of spring

Shared with One Stop Poetry for One Shot Wednesday.


bumfuzzled said...

love your use of nature to convey human emotions. it works. and damned well, eileen :)

Monty / bummy

Brian Miller said...

i hope that spring finds you soon enough...though being over 100 here today i did not mind the cool breeze...

Beachanny said...

Refrigerated thoughts most welcome on hot beach day. Gay

dustus said...

We're getting that heatwave here too. Appreciate the cool poetic breeze you shared.