Monday, May 9, 2011

Broken Circles

Broken Circles

It's said that life's
     a circle full
Three hundred sixty degrees

But circumstances 
Cut the cycle to its knees

For those who are
     affected by
Such vagaries profound

Blindsided by
In which the cycle drowns

Know that life
     is also kind
The circle made askew

Through nature's strong
     and healing touch
Will be restored anew.

Shared with One Stop Poetry for A Look At Rhyme by Gay Cannon, also known as beachanny. With thanks once again to Russell Crowe, who always provides inspiration.


Beachanny said...

Beautiful. I don't know what you or R. Crowe would call the form but for me it's iambic heptameter couplets broken into triplet stanzas and beautifully written with a message of hope through life's trials - philosophically and geometrically examined. Well done! Thanks, Gay

Henry Clemmons said...

I like, very MUCH! Blindsighted by flood waters. Carries a lot f image these days with the Mississippi swelling in record ways.

Brian Miller said...

ah lovely...have a touch of nature in mine as well...cycle drowned in the floodwaters is a powerful image...

Sean Vessey said...

I enjoyed your words in Broken Circle. The verses flowed beautifully and I enjoyed the theme of the life cycle, disruption, and renewal. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

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bumfuzzled said...

couldn't help but think of wild fires and how they seem to destroy yet make way for nature's renewal. and nice work with the rhymes and assonance :)

Monty / bummy

velvetinapurrs said...

Really lovely...i've been reading your mywordwizard prompt completion retweets, and really enjoying the dark stuff, i had a feeling you would be an all rounder, and not disappointed!

Matt Coughlan said...

A beautiful poem about tragedy. Thank you for sharing. :D